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Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with laser hair removal treatments. Whether you want one treatment to achieve smooth skin before that beach vacation or more permanent hair reduction with a series of treatments. Laser hair removal treatment is performed using Soprano Ice Platinum from Alma. This superior machine provides comfortable and pain-free treatments by producing a cooling effect during treatment.


Key Benefits

Permanent Hair Reduction

  • Laser hair removal targets hair follicles, damaging them to inhibit future hair growth. Multiple sessions can provide long-lasting or permanent reduction in hair growth, leading to smoother skin.

Precision and Speed

  • Laser precision selectively targets hair follicles, leaving surrounding skin undamaged. It's fast, treating multiple hairs with each pulse.

Less Irritation

  • Compared to methods like waxing or shaving, laser removal minimizes ingrown hairs and irritation by avoiding follicle trauma, with some systems offering skin-cooling features for added comfort.

**One treatment is good for hair reduction before a special event or before vacation. For more permanent hair reduction, 8-10 sessions are recommended, with one session scheduled every 5 weeks. Packages and pricing depend on the treatment area. Packages discussed during consultation. 

Allure Price List

Laser Hair Removal

Prices starting at $75 per session may vary depending on treatment areas

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